10 Great reasons to have a swimming pool

10 Great reasons to have a swimming pool

At Infinity Pools we are driven by the customer satisfaction we receive upon finishing a project. On our initial consultation we get to meet our customers and discuss not only what type of swimming pool they would like, but why. Swimming pools were once only for the millionaires and mansions of the world, but they have become much more attainable in recent years, and now a swimming pool is a true possibility to many.

See our list of top 10 reasons you should consider introducing a swimming pool to your property and lifestyle…

1. Health & Fitness

A swimming pool is a great opportunity to introduce regular fitness into your life. Exercising in water reduces the weight and pressure on joints, making it great for people of all ages, especially those recovering from an injury or dealing with joint pain. Swimming has always been a great full body exercise with a low injury risk. Swimming in your own pool means you aren’t restricted by public pool timetables, their harsh chemicals or crowded swimming lanes. You can control the water quality and enjoy your exercise however you want and whenever you want.

2. Family time

In our current technological world it can seem impossible to drag the family away from their devices and spend time together. A swimming pool is a fantastic opportunity to spend some quality time as a family; teaching the kids to swim, playing games and a healthy activity, all without leaving home!

3. Occupy the kids at home

School holidays and weekends can seem a little daunting, trying to come up with entertaining activities for the kids that won’t break the bank. A swimming pool at home provides hours of fun for children, where you can keep a close eye on their safety without having to leave the property and break the bank.

4. saves money

Apart from the initial build, swimming pools are cheaper to maintain than originally thought. With an entertaining and relaxing environment at home, you can save money on those expensive holidays and parks. Invite round the friends and family and spend more holidays at home with this great asset, saving money, time and bonding at home. A swimming pool lasts much longer and can be used time and time again.

5. your own outdoor resort

A swimming pool is obviously great for activities and exercise, but a well designed swimming pool can transform your property into your very own outdoor oasis. With smart design features and amenities your dream pool can create a tranquil and luxurious atmosphere at your own home. The resorts of your dreams really can become a reality.

6. increase property value

You never know when it is going to be time to move on from your home to a new property, but the confidence in increasing its value is always a bonus. A swimming pool adds a touch of luxury to your property to help it stand apart from others when on the property market increasing its overall value. You may not want to sell now, but when you do, a swimming pool could make a huge difference to the outcome.

7. Relax

Spending time in water helps your body to relax, eases stress and improves sleep. After a long day of work, or when you feel like you need a little break from the stresses of life, a swimming pool makes a huge difference. It’s not just for the kids, a swimming pool can be a very effective tool when promoting a stress free lifestyle.

8. an investment for the future

Holidays, trips to entertainment parks and resorts can cost a small fortune when added up over the years. A swimming pool lasts years and can be used time and time again without additional costs other than minor maintenance. This is an investment that will reap the rewards for a lifetime.

9. cool down

In the heat of the summer everyone is searching for a quick escape. If you’re lucky enough to live close to the beach you could pack the family into the car for a dip in the ocean, but there are always concerns regarding currents and safety. A swimming offers an immediate respite from the summer heat without concerns over everyone’s safety or the hassle of driving to a public pool or beach.

10. socialising

A swimming pool is a fantastic excuse to socialise with family and friends. Whether you have children or not, nothing says summer like a group of people relaxing in the pool with a refreshing drink in hand, and the smell of a BBQ cooking away!

Think you could make good use of a swimming pool on your property? Infinity Pools specialise in concrete swimming pool and can be customised to each property and aren’t limited by access or shape. Call Infinity Pools to book your no obligation consultation.