Why choose a concrete swimming pool?

Why choose a concrete swimming pool?

Designing and installing a swimming pool is not an easy or quick task. Lots of preparation and consideration should be taken regarding size, and property limitations. But the first question to ask is what material will you use? This determines your approach and limitations going forward regarding design, depth and so on.

At Infinity Pools we specialise in concrete swimming pools, find out why below…


Pre-manufactured swimming pools made from fibreglass are extremely rigid and allow no freedom for design alterations or customisation. Concrete is very versatile as it is used to reinforce an initial framework, giving you creative control and flexibility regarding the shape, size and design.

With design freedom you can create a swimming pool which compliments the decor of your home or a landscaping asset to your back garden. Fibreglass pools offer a range of colours, but the design and shape is standard and limits your opportunities.

With concrete pools you can easily customise the surfacing and tiling to compliment the surroundings and add another opportunity for you to put your own personal touch on the design.

Concrete pools aren’t limited at all when it comes to shape, size or colour, the design options are limitless.

If you have limited access to your property, or an unusual shaped area available, this is where you can really notice the advantages of a concrete pool. Design the shape to the space you have and the building can begin. Rather than trying to fit a pre-manufactured mould into the space you have, which often involves a crane and easy access to the area.


As well as the creative freedom to make your pool whatever shape you may like, or to fit into an odd-shaped area, an in ground concrete pool can be built to almost any depth. Whereas pre-manufactured pools often come with a standard gradient and depth, you can customise this aspect with a concrete built pool.

People may not give much attention to the depth of their pool, but with the flexibility concrete offers, it really adds to the functionality of the pool. Maybe your like diving but have young children using the pool too, or a friend or family member with a disability where steps and a shallow area would add to the safety. These options can all be customised to your needs with a concrete pool, which adds a functionality aspect to the aesthetic design of a concrete swimming pool.

It may look nice, but it’s there to be used!


Depending on the water quality and general maintenance, a well built concrete swimming pool can last generations, and can be easily renovated if you feel it has become outdated or could use a face lift years in the future.

Many other materials can often deteriorate far quicker due to water quality, weather conditions and damage to linings. Concrete pools have a far greater life cycle as they don’t rot, blister or rust.

Even if you deal with cold winters and contrastingly hot summers, concrete can withstand harsh climate conditions and remain structurally and aesthetically sound.

At Infinity Pools, it is important to us, to retain the confidence in our product and workmanship, delivering only the very best to our valuable customers. For this reason we specialise in concrete swimming pools. It is a material we can trust, and a material which offers exciting versatility for design and functionality. To find out more about how a concrete pool could work for you, book your no obligation consultation.